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Is Online Tutoring Effective? Discover the Benefits and Success Rates

online tutoring

Are online tutors worth it? Parents desperately need an answer to this question! The truth is that online learning offers a host of benefits. On the one hand, students are given individual attention and consistent support, while on the other, online tutors can easily understand their unique learning needs and teach them according to their requirements.

Let us take Anna, for example. She has unprecedented challenges with algebra. Anna has tried everything to ease this situation: she has tried after-school classes, practiced with her friends, sought help from her school teacher, etc. Nothing seemed to work for her!

Now, if she were to take personalized one-on-one online tuition from a trained teacher who is knowledgeable in helping her grasp the subject thoroughly, Anna would soon find out that algebra is as easy as eating a pie!

Online learning helps cultivate all the essential skills needed beyond the subject. Online tutors assist students in thinking critically, solving problems quickly, and developing effective time management and study techniques. This approach will support students’ academic efforts and equip them to face life successfully.

At Auriv Learning, proud parents are delighted to share their children’s progress. One said, “Since my daughter started learning math online with Auriv Learning, her confidence has soared. She has transformed into a high-performing student.”

One crucial advantage of online tutoring is the capability to offer a personal learning experience. It is often not seen in a classroom atmosphere. Online tutoring allows students to learn independently and receive feedback as and when necessary. It enables students to grasp the fundamentals of challenging subjects, cultivating confidence to study better!

Outstanding online tutors boost students’ learning abilities by encouraging them to do their best. Positive reinforcement, personalized guidance, and self-assurance instill a sense of accomplishment and a will to engage actively.

Further, online tutoring is popular because it is easily accessible and cost-effective. Students need not travel far to connect with experienced tutors but can do so from the comfort of their homes. One-on-one interaction, immediate feedback, and lively sessions make online tutoring an excellent learning experience for students of all ages.

Is Online Tutoring Worth It?

Online tutoring is a popular option among students today. It has numerous benefits and is becoming preferred over traditional in-person tuition.

Here are some of its top advantages:

1. Matchless Flexibility

Online tutoring is highly flexible for students and lets them schedule classes according to their preferences. It is convenient for busy students like yourself as it fits into the schedule without obstructing school or other extracurricular activities. Therefore, you would find that online tutoring blends in with your lifestyle smoothly. Want an example? You have got a big chemistry test coming up soon. But your regular tutor is all booked. What do you do now? You can quickly locate a qualified chemistry tutor online willing to teach you at a time that suits you. Isn’t that fantastic? You learn at your convenience, plus you ace the test!

2. Personalized Learning Methods

Online tutoring can be modified and personalized to suit your learning styles. If you are more into visual learning, your tutor will create a captivating theme to make historical events more relatable to you.

If you are not sure of a particular physics concept, you can ask your

tutor to explain the complex topic by breaking it into small steps to understand and grasp it faster. Further, online tutoring classes are designed to suit students’ learning preferences as tutors can adapt their pace and cover complex topics thoroughly. Moreover, online tutors encourage students to ask as many questions as possible without hesitation.

3. Cost-Efficient

One of the top benefits of online tutoring is its cost efficiency as the classes are conducted conveniently in one’s home. Therefore, the cost of travel is absolutely redundant. Furthermore, all other convenience costs are eliminated as well. This would mean significant savings for you and your family. You can utilize extra resources to invest in educational materials or other extracurricular activities. As a cost-effective alternative to offline tuition, online tutoring helps to make education affordable to all students.

4. Boost Student’s Confidence

Students constantly need support and encouragement. With online tutoring, the learning process is paced, and students have more control over their lessons. This boosts their confidence and creates a more positive educational experience for them.

Students with learning disabilities or those not comfortable with the traditional school atmosphere will find online tutoring excellent. Such students desire personal attention and teaching tailored to suit their unique needs. To illustrate, a dyslexic student would benefit from customized reading techniques as it would help improve his reading skills with confidence. This enables them to perform well academically and gives them the confidence to succeed.

5. Improved Attendance

Studies prove that online tutoring undeniably encourages students to attend classes regularly. It has consistently demonstrated that students feel more engaged and want to participate in classes actively. If students need to help understanding a particular topic or concept, online tutors will ensure they grasp the subject. A personalized approach helps people gain confidence and reduces the frustration of falling behind. Students are, therefore, more motivated to attend their classes on time and regularly.

6. Better Proficiency Levels

Students improve their proficiency in all subjects, which is a significant advantage of online tutoring. Moreover, unlike in regular classes, students receive feedback immediately as and when problems arise.

In-person classes typically allow students to engage in passive learning. They listen to lectures and complete assignments, but feedback is delayed. The delay causes the students to correct mistakes only on time and understand concepts completely. However, with online tutoring, feedback is given immediately and regularly, promoting deeper understanding in students.

7. Replay Class Recordings

Students can review their classes by replaying class recordings whenever they desire, which enables them to learn better.

This differs from traditional classes, as students cannot replay missed classes but must wait for the next class to understand the concepts better. Similarly, students who need clarity on complex topics cannot replay the issues again, as this facility is unavailable in in-person classes. This flexibility is beneficial as it reinforces complex concepts and ensures clear understanding.

8. Global Tutor Pool

French literature can be a little intimidating! And understanding them can take quite a while. But what if you had specialized tutors who are experts in classical literature? You can find an expert tutor online! Online tutoring offers access to a worldwide community of tutors, offering students a wide range of teaching styles and knowledge. It is the best place to find the perfect opportunity and to receive high-quality education and assistance.

9. Engaging Technological Approach

Teaching online is the best way to utilize technology and an excellent method for creating interactive lessons. Interactive and multimedia tools allow tutors to make the classes more enjoyable. Moreover, students are motivated and enthusiastic to learn complex concepts less repetitively.

10. Proven Learning Outcomes

Multiple studies show that online tutoring is as effective as in-person tutoring for improving learning. Online learning is convenient and provides quality education, as it definitely ranks much better than traditional in-person classes.

How to find good online tutors?

You can find online tutors through tutoring agencies, educational websites, or freelance platforms. Look for tutors with excellent qualifications, experience, and positive reviews. Auriv Learning offers high-quality online tutoring services provided by expert tutors with extensive knowledge of their respective subjects. Get in touch with us today to receive top-notch guidance towards academic success!


Online tutoring offers incredible flexibility, personalized learning tailored to your needs, cost-effective solutions, access to a diverse pool of tutors, engaging educational experiences, and, most importantly, proven enhancements in learning outcomes. It’s a cutting-edge, efficient, and highly effective approach to education that caters to the needs of both students and parents.

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